So I tackled another Pinterest project: this time it was a DIY project from my "gifts" board. As you can see by the picture, I created a crossword puzzle art piece made of Scrabble tiles (the tiles spell out names). Again, this one was pretty simple but I knew it was unique and totally displayable.

This gift is best for a proud grandma with lots of grandchildren...or the Duggars - however you'd have to keep revising it because who knows when those people are going to stop having kids. Get yourself a matted frame, some letter tiles (I got mine on Ebay) and some woodworking glue and create this nifty artwork. I created mine for my mom's best friend Carol who is one of the proudest and most sentimental grandmas I know. (She's kept every birthday card received from her five children since forever. And the cards are all organized in albums. Don't even try to beat her organizational skills - she wins.) And like I predicted, she started crying right away when she received it. (And check out the cool names her grandchildren have!)