Two days after Christmas, Director of Facilities & Grounds Brian Appleman received an urgent call.

   District staff informed him that water was leaking into the Barlow Park/Journey Elementary School gymnasium office and elsewhere.

   The cause?

   A cracked, leaking boiler.

   It and another boiler will be replaced this winter following a unanimous vote at a meeting Monday.

   Though the elementary school has two boilers and can continue to run with one functioning boiler, it cannot maintain appropriate indoor temperatures if the outdoor temperatures drop too low. This means if a cold snap were to swoop into Ripon, the elementary school may be closed due to a lack of enough heat in the building.

   Since the school cannot function on one boiler for long without running the risk of too low of temperatures outdoors and indoors, the Ripon Area School District and its School Board is quickly working to replace the old boilers.

   Read the full story in the Jan. 9, 2020 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.