On a quiet Thursday afternoon, the still of Ripon Public Library was broken by a whirring noise.

    There, rolling among the stacks, moved a strange, glowing ball.

   It paused, turned and spun its way back toward the paperbacks.

   This wasn’t an alien invasion of spherical visitors.

   Rather, it was a peek into a new spin on the mission of Ripon Public Library: Encouraging learning in ways that transcend the traditional tomes.

   “We are always supporting the lifelong learner,” said Mandy Sprague, adult and teen services librarian at Ripon Public Library.

   And that means, starting this week, offering a whole new variety of items for check-out.

   Now, in addition to books and magazines, teens through adults may check out items from the library’s new “Makerspace” collection.

Read the full story, including more details about the items available in this new collection, in the March 16, 2017 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.