More Ripon-area railroad crossings than originally expected could be made safer in the years to come.

   A couple months after the state announced tentative plans to upgrade the safety measures at two city of Ripon crossings — on East Sullivan and East Fond du Lac streets, three more such crossings in the rural Ripon area now have been targeted as well.

   The crossings now being considered for upgrades include:

  • County Road KK in the town of Metomen,
  • Douglas Street in the town of Ripon, located south of East Fond du Lac Street, and
  • Brandon Road in the town of Metomen.

   According to the official notice released by the Office of the Commissioner of Railroads, “this is an investigation to consider the adequacy of warning devices at the grade crossings of the Wisconsin and Southern Railroad, L.L.C. tracks [listed above] ... The Office intends to conduct this investigation without a public hearing.”

   Of the three crossings listed in the notice, the Brandon Road crossing appears to offer the greatest concern. Of the three requested for investigation, only that one included notes about potential problems.

   “Poor angle hills restrict sight distances greatly,” the investigator noted in his report.

Read the full story in the Oct. 11, 2018 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.