Riponites got their first peek behind the curtain Tuesday evening at what the proposed National Republican History Museum might look like — and who is moving the project forward.

   Over the course of an hour and a half talk, museum spokesman Dan Zimmerman of Ripon introduced key staff already in place, presented renderings of the museum — and an associated hotel — and hinted at bigger news to come.

   Speaking with confidence and optimism, Zimmerman also discussed a potential land purchase of an adjacent property that would enable his group to preserve the 150-year-old Republican House building next to the existing Little White Schoolhouse museum property off Blackburn Street.

   “The biggest hang-up to what we’re doing right now is the property issue,” Zimmerman said.

   Not knowing what property will be used for the project has ramifications on all fronts of the National Republican History Museum project.

   Fund-raising, for instance, cannot move forward without clarifying the land issue.

   “We’ve been setting that aside a little bit while we make sure we know the property issue and we have that solidified before we move forward,” he said.

   Design of the museum is entirely contingent on the property issue, too.

Read the full story, including information about who is involved, what will happen with the Republican House and how soon the project might get started, in the March 9, 2017 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.