Several of Ripon’s railroad crossings have lights to warn drivers of an oncoming train.

   But the crossing immediately adjacent to Ripon’s largest school remains without a signal.

   That could change in 2021.

   The state of Wisconsin Commissioner of Railroads office has begun an investigation toward possibly adding safety measures on East Sullivan Street at the Wisconsin & Southern Railroad crossing utilizing state and/or federal funding.

   It’s also opening a similar investigation nearby, at the railroad’s East Fond du Lac Street, to see if additional safety measures are needed there as well. The East Fond du Lac Street crossing currently utilizes flashing lights and a bell, as are used on Oshkosh Street, to deter drivers from inching across as a train nears.

   The Sullivan Street crossing’s proximity to the combined Ripon High/Ripon Middle School certainly plays a role in the investigation.

   “That was part of this consideration: the amount of school traffic,” said Heather Graves, program and policy analyst supervisor for the office of Commissioner of Railroads.

Read the full story in the July 12, 2018 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.