All 21 groups that are receiving grants from the Ripon United Way board will be fully funded this year — but not because the Ripon United Way met its $90,000 goal.

   Instead, the board expects to use about $20,000 from its reserves — more than half of its savings account — to make up the difference.

   That is, unless someone (or some business) steps forward in the final two weeks before the 2018-19 campaign comes to a close.

   “We still could get some donations; we think there’s a couple more out there that we know of,” said Jeff Puhlmann-Becker, president of the board. “But at this point we’re projecting we will be around $69,000.”

   That puts the board at 76 percent of its $90,000 goal, which is used toward giving grants to local organizations such as preschools, the Red Cross, ASTOP, Salvation Army, Traded Treasures and more.

   “Our goal at $90,000 was, I think, aggressive,” he said, noting that after hearing the needs of Ripon organizations, the board found it difficult last year to fund less than that. “I bet we shaved $30,000 off their requests [as it was].”

   Puhlmann-Becker attributes the giving shortage to several factors.

Read the full story in the March 14, 2019 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.