In the past week, blue-green algae has garnered national attention after the state of Mississippi closed all 21 of its Gulf Coat beaches due to such toxic algal blooms.

   Mississippi is not alone.

   Madison also closed six of its beaches Tuesday due to blue-green algae.

   However, this isn’t just a problem for Mississippi or Madison, but for the Green Lake area as well.

   Green Lake County health officer Kathy Munsey noted Green Lake County has suffered from blue-green algae already, with the algae found around Memorial Day weekend in Little Green Lake at Soldiers and Sailors Park in Markesan.

   Because blue-green algae has been an issue for several lakes in the state, the state Environmental Health program created an initiative offering beach blue-green advisory and closure signs for purchase.

   “The state Environmental Health program put together these [blue-green algae] signs and then allowed the locals to purchase them if we wanted to. Because we do have so many lakes in our area, I just thought it’s a great idea to buy some and have them on hand in case we need them,” Munsey said. “And of course, we have needed them this year.”

   Read the full story,  including how harmful blue-green algae is, in the July 11, 2019 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.