Within two months, the city of Green Lake could see a new food truck ordinance.

   The ad hoc Economic Development Committee took a large step toward drafting and recommending an ordinance to the Green Lake City Council.

   At its Tuesday morning meeting, committee members were greeted with a rough draft of an ordinance proposed by fellow committee member and Ald. George King.

   This is a big step beyond what occurred at the committee’s July meeting, when it first began to tackle the food truck ordinance after the Green Lake City Council asked it to explore options.

   During an hour meeting, the Economic Development Committee discussed concerns with the ordinance and what the city could legally enforce regarding food trucks; however, committee members weren’t able to find the current city ordinance concerning food trucks, so no action was taken.

   At the following meeting on Tuesday, the committee already was farther along in the process of developing and recommending a food truck than at its previous meeting. The committee located the current ordinance — the Direct Sellers ordinance — and began the Tuesday morning meeting with a proposed ordinance already on the table.

   Read the full story, including details about the proposed food truck ordinance, in the Aug. 22, 2019 edition in the Ripon Commonwealth Press.