Green Lake’s ad hoc Economic Development Committee may draft a new food truck ordinance or amend the current one, which prohibits food trucks from parking on public streets.

   Whether the committee has enough authority, information and resources to undertake such a task is uncertain.

   The issue is ripe after concerns have been raised in recent weeks by local restaurant owners about food trucks coming to the community.

   Before the committee could consider a food truck ordinance, the members needed to decide whether they wanted to shoulder the assignment that the Green Lake City Council sent their way.

   “It looks like food trucks are coming, and No. 2, if we aren’t going to decide then who is?,” committee member Tim Jankowski asked.

  Chairman and Mayor Jon McConnell explained it would be the council’s responsibility then.

  “Well, they don’t even want to do it,” Jankowski said.

   Read the full story, including ideas and concerns brought forth by the committee members, in the July 18, 2019 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.