Green Lake students will have access to additional mental health resources after Christmas as a result of an agreement with the Green Lake School Board and the Green Lake County Health and Human Services.

   Green Lake School Board members considered the memorandum of understanding between the school and the county to have a mental health site in the school at the board’s meeting last week Wednesday.

   Before the board members approved the idea, they aired a few concerns, such as insurance and liability, location of the site and how the county health professionals will work within the school.

   Superintendent Mary Allen explained the Green Lake County department approached the school district about an on-site location.

   “[Staff from the Health and Human Services] asked if we would be willing to have an on-site mental health location for them so that their counselors could come and work with our students,” Mary Allen said. “Some of our students are already receiving services from Green Lake County. It would be more convenient for them.”

   She added a certified mental health professional would be available for about one or two days of the week to meet patients with referrals and families who need counseling.

   Read the full story, including board members' concerns about the services, in the Nov. 28, 2019 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.