The test results are in and Dodge Memorial Park beach is safe for swimming.

   The park beach, located along County Road K at the southwest end of Big Green Lake, was put under advisory June 13 due to high levels of E. coli in the water.

   However, Green Lake County health officer Kathy Munsey announced yesterday (Thursday) the new water tests for the beach reported zero colony-forming units (cfu) of E. coli in the water, meaning the beach is safe.

   This is a marked difference from the test results from the week of June 13, which reported 700 cfu (colony forming units) per 100 mL (millimeter).

   Munsey explained if the level of E. coli in the water is reported between 235 to 1,000 cfu per 100 mL, then the beach will be put under advisory. If the level is more than 1,000 cfu per 100 mL, then it will be closed.

   This matches Wisconsin DNR guidelines.

   “It was zero this time, so that was good,” Munsey said. “So it’s [the beach is] open. We took away the warning signs.”

   Since the E. coli levels in the water significantly decreased over a period of several days, Munsey believes the cause of the elevated levels may have been due to rainfall.

   “We might see elevations after it rains, just because of runoff,” she said, noting that since the E. coli has cleared, “I would say [the rain runoff was the cause].”

   The Green Lake Sanitary District tests the lake’s beaches every week to make sure they’re safe for the public. Munsey noted people shouldn’t worry; all the beaches are open and safe.