Similar to the films it features, the Freeland Film Festival will have its version of a sequel, returning once more to Green Lake in August.

   However, support from the community is needed for its successful return.

   “It takes a village; it’s having people welcome this type of thing here, which is what they did; the first year was awesome,” Event Coordinator Evelyn Galster said. “We’re looking for that same support of acceptance ...”

   According to Galster, this first year was a hit among attendees, who requested the festival be hosted again next year.

  “The immediate feedback was, ‘You have to do this again; please tell me you’re doing this again,’ [and] ‘I cried when I saw that.’ People were so emotional, it was unbelievable,” Galster said.

   Read the full story, including how the community can help, in the Dec. 20, 2018 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.