With residents around the area gearing up to toss their Christmas trees, the arbors that decorated many a home, may prove useful once more.

   As “trout hotels.”

   For the first time, Green Lake Association is launching its “Balsam for Brookies” program, which runs until Thursday, Jan. 17, to collect Christmas trees to use to help restore Dakin Creek and provide habitat for brook trout.

   Trees may be donated on the north side of Town Square in Green Lake.

   The association has already received more than 100 trees from individuals and from business with left-over trees, and though there are alerts about a new invasive pest called the “Elongate Hemlock Scale” found in wreaths and boughs sold by big-box stores, none have been discovered in Christmas trees.

   However, the association is taking precautions by working with the DNR and the state Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection to inspect each tree and will burn any tree with the pest.

   The trees also cannot be artificial or have any decorations on them so that they may be used in the stream.

   Read the full story, which includes how the trees may help Dakin Creek and how long the association has been working toward the goal of reintroducing the brook trout, in the Jan. 2, 2019 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.