Green Lake’s Illinois Avenue could experience a facelift in 2021.

   But preliminary plans created for the project could mean the removal of 100 trees and site features, such as pillars, decorative walls and more along Illinois Avenue from Lac Verde Circle to Lake Street, noted Jason Laue of MSA Professional Service, Inc.

   Laue presented the proposed project plan to the Green Lake City Council’s committee of the whole meeting Monday night.

   He noted the plan entails a 31-foot-wide road section from back of the curb to back of the curb, which represents two 10-foot-wide travel lanes, an 8-foot-wide parking lane on the south side of the road, a proposed sidewalk and 10 1/2-foot-wide grass terrace along the south side of the road as well.

   The proposed plan, including the improvements needed for sanitary, storm and water features along with contingency funds, is about $1.6 million.

   Though the city would gain an improved thoroughfare if the project moves forward as proposed, it will be at the cost of trees and decorative property features, such as fences, pillars and walls.

   Read the full story, including how many trees could be directly impacted by the construction, in the Nov. 7, 2019 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.