Forty-seven thousand.

   That’s how many more dollars the Green Lake City Council will have to squeeze into this year’s already tight budget.

   The $47,000 stems from the capital equipment fund the Green Lake-Brooklyn Fire Department set aside for equipment in its proposed budget, which was presented and approved at a joint budget meeting between the town of Brooklyn and the city of Green Lake last week Wednesday.

   Overall, the city of Green Lake is contributing$108,734 toward the fire department, which is half of the $217,468 that it requested. The other half is paid for by the town of Brooklyn.

   When the fire department submitted its budget to the city of Green Lake, among its requests were $2,500 for building maintenance and $47,000 for equipment, noted Green Lake City Clerk-Treasurer Barbara Dugenske.

   It’s not clear what equipment that $47,000 would be used toward.

   However, the city of Green Lake only allocated the $2,500 in its preliminary budget and not the $47,000 “because there’s no room for it,” Mayor Jon McConnell said.

   Though the city decided during its preliminary budget meeting not to include the funds, it changed its mind during the joint budget meeting and approved the $47,000 for equipment.

   Read the full story, which includes concerns from council members on how the city will budget for the $47,000, in the Nov. 1, 2018 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.