Should the speed limit be raised to 30 mph on Green Lake’s South Street?

   The Green Lake City Council said “no,” but just barely.

   When voting on the issue at Monday night’s meeting, council members were split down the middle with Ald. George King, Ald. Jon Smick and Ald. Dusty Walker in favor and Ald. Kevin Karau, Ald. James Jahnke and Ald. Diana Galster-Kinas opposing.

   Then Mayor Jon McConnell weighed in and voted against the proposal.

   Prior to voting, the council opened the floor to Heidi Mlodzik, who lives on Meadowlark Lane, which intersects with South Street.

   Mlodzik pointed out that she and her husband looked at factors such as “walkability” and proximity to the downtown area when they decided to move into Tuscumbia Meadows in 2016.

   However, she believes walkablility is lacking in Green Lake, especially along South Street.

   Read the full story, which includes Mlodzik complete argument against raising the speed limit and the council's thoughts on the matter, in the Sept. 13, 2018 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.