The Green Lake Police Department along with the Green Lake School District are seeking support from the Green Lake City Council as they attempt to move forward in hiring a school resource officer.

   Green Lake Police Chief Mike Ratter approached the Green Lake City Council during Monday’s Committee of the Whole meeting for approval to further research the possibility of hiring a resource officer for Green Lake’s public schools.

   “What I was just asking [the] City Council for is permission to move forward to explore this opportunity,” Ratter said. “There’s a lot of work that needs to be done.”

   According to Green Lake City Clerk and Treasurer Barbara Dugenske, the Green Lake School District is interested in the possibility of sharing a resource officer with Princeton — both in terms of hours in the schools, and the cost for the position.

   “Green Lake and Princeton are the only school districts that don’t have a school resource officer in the area,” Dugenske said. “Princeton is moving forward to hire somebody and there’s a possibility that they would hire a full-time person that would be shared part-time over at Princeton and part-time here at Green Lake.”

   Read the full story in the August 9, 2018 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.