This is how much state aid Green Lake School District could receive.

   But that’s if Gov. Tony Evers’ proposal to offer state aid per pupil to all districts is approved with the state budget.

   Before the Green Lake School Board approved its own tentative budget at its meeting last week Wednesday, the board look toward the state budget and what Evers’ proposal could mean for the school district.

   During board member Sue Sorenson’s report to the rest of the School Board about the legislative breakfast she attended, she mentioned the breakfast focused on progress with the state budget.

   “It was said that the budget is expected to go to the Assembly on June 5 and to the Senate on June 26, and when the governor receives the budget, he has 10 days to respond,” Sorenson said. “And they are very, very hopeful that he will not veto the entire budget because — I’m going to say ‘they’ — the Senate and the Assembly, worked hard on the budget to try and massage it the way they felt best that the governor had originally presented.”

   Later, it was revealed state Rep. Joan Ballweg, R-Markesan, sent a letter to Superintendent Mary Allen and the School Board informing them that as part of the budget, “‘regardless of zip code or property value, now school districts will see at least an increase of $1,000 in student aid per student,’” Allen read.

   Read the full story, including why the Green Lake School District does not currently receive state aid, in the June 27, 2019 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.