Better safe than sorry.

   That was the proverb Green Lake School Board members took to heart when trying to decide last week Wednesday how to make up lost instruction hours because of snow days. It was a decision that proved beneficial just days later.

   Board members were given multiple options such as adding days at the end of the school year, adding minutes to the school day, changing vacation days into instructional days and more.

   According to Superintendent Mary Allen, the school originally had about six and a half days built into the calendar for snow days. But due to numerous days with severe weather conditions and a day off for repairing toilets, the school used up the extra days and hours.

   She noted the district already had taken steps to make up for the lost hours by changing an early-release day into a full-instructional day.

   However, “if we were just to make it up just the way we are now, where we just did the February 15 early release makeup, we would be three hours under the requirement right now,” Mary Allen said.

   She recommended an option that would allow the school to build an additional seven hours into the calendar in case another snow day occurred, which one did Monday.

   Read the full story, including how the snow days affected school finances, in the Feb. 28, 2019 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.