“We have a little niche. We have kids who are not ... super connected to the kids at home; they want to go and meet completely different people [and] they don’t want to go to a private school where 10 of their friends are going.”

   That’s how Green Lake School’s International Coordinator Morna Helbach described the international students who are a perfect fit for studying at the school.

   However, Helbach explained to the Green Lake School Board last week Wednesday that “finding those kids is a challenge.”

   She noted she contacts hundreds of agents to “let them know what our niche is, what we do and who we’re looking for,” but the school has problems finding a diverse group of international students.

   This may change in the next year as the school tries to widen its global reach with a website service Helbach discovered.

   She presented to board members a website she found called “EduHup.com,” which may help them draw in more international students from a variety of countries.

   Read the full story, which includes details about the website and how it may benefit the school, in the Jan. 24, 2019 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.