When Keith Kiupelis started his new position several days ago as school resource officer for Green Lake and Princeton schools, he committed one notable blunder.

   “I got introduced to every class [here in Green Lake] and I made the mistake of telling them, ‘You can give me a high five anytime you see me.’ I should have limited it to one a day because my hand was getting sore after,” he said, laughing. “I got some kids that would come up every time they see me and give me a high five, so I should have told them once a day.”

   He noted he learned from his mistake.

   “So now, when I went to Princeton, because I’m a little smarter now, I said ‘You only get one a day,’” he said.

   Despite this miscalculation, or maybe because of it, Kiupelis has spent the last couple of days interacting with the students, getting to know them.

   “You get pretty popular pretty fast when you sit and talk to these kids,” he said. “I’ll actually sit down with them at the lunch table if they want me to and have lunch with them; I have a lunch account here.”

   Read the full story, including why he chose to apply for this job and what he thinks of his position, in the Jan. 17, 2019 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.