Payday may be a little bit sweeter for Green Lake School teachers next school year after receiving a higher-than-normal salary increase of 2.8%.

   Why the high compensation?

   As a result of four retiring teachers and one lowering her position to a 0.5 FTE, the remaining educators will receive more of the funds from the compensation pool, explained newly elected President Meade Grim at the Green Lake School Board meeting last week Wednesday.

   “This is a unique year,” he said. “The [collective bargaining group] and the district did not want to give four new individuals a raise from day one, so they distributed the resigning and reduced positions at no increase. So the remaining group got that pot of money distributed to them, which is a higher individual percent.”

   “So the 2.8% is state mandated?” new School Board member Matt Bond asked.

   “2.44% CPI is state-mandated under Act 10,” Grim said.

    Read the full story, including how this year's increase compares to previous years', in May 23, 2019 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.