In a turn of events, beer and wine licenses drew the ire of several Green Lake City Council members during Monday night’s meeting.

   Beer and wine licenses don’t often elicit a lot of discussion from the City Council and tend to be approved unanimously.

   However, the licenses for Town Square Concessions LLC, which is related to the Mill Pond Terrace beer garden, required an emergency special Common Council meeting last week Monday, prior to Green Lake City Council’s Committee of the Whole meeting.

   Now, a week later at the City Council meeting, this special meeting for the licenses spurred discussion as a few council members aired their frustrations about the last-minute meeting, which was created and noticed only three hours beforehand.

   According to Wisconsin state statute 19.84(3), every meeting of a governmental body must be publicly noticed 24 hours before the meeting “unless for good cause such notice is impossible or impractical, in which case shorter notice may be given,” and must be noticed at least two hours prior the meeting.

   Green Lake City Clerk/Treasurer Barb Dugenske explained the special meeting was created because of a mistake with the agenda.

   Read the full story, including why the council members were unhappy with the special meeting, in the June 13, 2019 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.