With some stuffing here, a stitch there and bandages all around, kids and adults alike had their stuffed animals made good as new at the stuffed animal hospital last week Saturday.

   Located in a side room of the Caestecker Public Library, adept knitters and sewers patched up the well-loved toys as patients’ owners explained what ailed them, such as floppiness due to a lack of stuffing, a drooping eyeball or an opened seam along a leg or at the back of the neck.

   The doctors on hand worked in assembly-line fashion as one cut and stuffed the animal with batting, the next one stitched the opening shut and another bandaged the surgery site to the delight of the children with elastic bandage wrap.

   Some of the owners of the stuffed furry patients were overjoyed at the sight of their healed toys.

   One parent explained her daughter’s stuffed cat, Mr. Darcy, was with her since the day she was born, noting the grandparents had bought the cat from the hospital’s gift shop. However, over the years, Mr. Darcy became floppy from old age and needed some more stuffing.

   See more photos in the Feb. 21 2019 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.