Liane Walsh
Liane Walsh

   In a twist of events, a name not even on the ballot won the seat for District 2 alderwoman for the Green Lake City Council.

   Liane Walsh, a registered write-in candidate, earned a seat on the City Council when Green Lake residents turned out to vote Tuesday to decide the future makeup of their School Board, City Council and their local and state judicial systems.

   The race for District 2 alderman had no candidates this year.

   Kevin Karau, former District 2 alderman and former Heidel House general manager, did not send in his candidacy papers by the January deadline after deciding not to run for another term.

   At the time, he cited a concern for a lack of time to dedicate to the position. A month or so later, he stepped down as alderman before his term was up and announced he was moving to Minnesota.

   Read the full story, including who won the other positions, in the April 4, 2019 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.