After three years as general manager at Heidel House Resort & Spa and one year as District 2 alderman, Kevin Karau has said farewell to Green Lake.

   It’s the latest signal that changes are brewing at the Heidel House Resort & Spa.

   At the end of Monday night’s Green Lake City Council meeting, Karau — having been absent for this month’s meetings — announced through a letter of correspondence that he would be leaving for Minnesota.

   In the letter addressed to Mayor Jon McConnell that City Clerk/Treasure Barbara Dugenske read to the council, Karau resigned as alderman and offered his gratitude toward the City Council and the community of Green Lake:

Dear Jon,

I am informing you of my decision to resign from my position as councilman District 2 City of Green Lake, Wisconsin. My family and I are relocating to a community in central Minnesota. I wanted to thank you personally for your professionalism, candor and leadership. This community is lucky and blessed to have a leader of this quality that always has the best interest of the City of Green Lake in mind when making complicated decisions.

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