More research is required before Green Lake City Council can settle the matter of drafting an ordinance for food trucks.

   Council members decided in a 4-0 vote Monday night to recommend the ad hoc economic development committee look at food truck ordinances from other cities to analyze how they have managed them.

   Prior to the council’s fiery discussion on the issue, Thunderboss owners Chris Barbin and Lori Csaszar suggested the council should carefully draft a better food truck ordinance and perhaps consider other communities’ food truck ordinances.

   “We’ve learned of the discussion and, what I would say, is some friction that has come into the restaurant-owner community here in Green Lake over allowing food trucks into the community,” Barbin said. “We are in strong support of an ordinance. I guess my recommendation is that there is full transparency and understanding of what the ordinance [is] and how the ordinance would be created.”

   He noted he and Csaszar researched other ordinances from cities of varying sizes and even shared a sample ordinance from a community with the council.

   Barbin added, as owners of the Green Lake restaurant Thunderboss, “we’ve personally put in north of $2 million into investment” in the Green Lake community and believe allowing food trucks in Green Lake would threaten local restaurants.

   Read the full story, including council members' heated discussion over the city's current ordinance, in the July 11, 2019 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.