With Heidel House’s closure looming on the horizon, the city of Green Lake took the first step toward airing out its concerns regarding room tax and budgets.

   When the city’s Park and Recreation Board/Tree Board met last week Wednesday, it began considering what it should do in face of Heidel House’s closing and its major impact to its budget.

   “In light of what’s going on with Heidel House, I wanted to have a little discussion or comments for our budget for Park and Rec,” said Ald. Diana Galster-Kinas, noting she added the discussion item “Room Tax Concerns” to the meeting’s agenda. “We totally depend on the room tax ... and as I understand it, at least 50 percent [of the room tax] comes from Heidel House.”

   Green Lake Public Works Director Glen McCarty pointed out that the 50 percent was only a guess.

   “I think I’m pretty good as guessing,” Galster-Kinas countered. “So if we have a budget balance of $73,000 and 50 percent of that is lost or close to it, I’m curious of what we’re suppose to do.”

   Green Lake City Clerk/Treasurer Barb Dugenske suggested the board should prioritize its budget items and decide which items it wanted to continue to support.

   Read the full story, including possible budget cuts the board discussed, in the March 28, 2019 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.