“If you don’t have to leave your residence for any reason, I’d recommend staying home.”

   That’s the frank advice being offered by Ripon Police Chief Bill Wallner as a snowstorm continues to batter Ripon and beyond.

   With many inches of snow already blanketing the area — combined with winds that causing the light, fluffy stuff to drift — travel in the city could be dangerous at times, Wallner advised.

   “Weather conditions for travel are not good,” he said. “We anticipate the dropping temperatures and heavy wind to make travel dangerous, especially in the outlying areas. So if you don’t have to travel, don’t.”

   Many Ripon organizations, including Ripon Public Library and Ripon College, have closed for the day given the weather conditions and the road situations.

   Thus far, main roads around Ripon have been plowed, even as snow continues to fall and drift. Secondary roads are hit-or-miss as to whether a plow has visited them yet.

   In Green Lake County, the Sheriff’s Department is offering similar warnings.

   “Currently, we’re encountering more issues on tertiary roads [such] as township roads, ones that aren’t frequently traveled or plowed,” said Mark Putzke, chief deputy.

   “County is maintaining open roadway on state highway trunks and also on certain county trunks like County A that are heavily used between Green Lake and the south.”

   Slick roads have translated into some problems across the county, he explained.

   “We have had a number of slide-offs in the last 12 hours and continuing. Green Lake County plows are out currently addressing state and county roadways,” Putzke said.

   “Knowing that there’s a winter storm warning in effect and also knowing that we’re expecting increased wind upcoming, we are anticipating that this is going to blow around for quite some time until the wind subsides, so our recommendation is that travel only as necessary and it’s recommended to stay off the roads due to blowing, drifting and slipperiness.”

   Putzke estimated that the county has had about a dozen slide-offs so far.

   City of Green Lake Police Chief Mike Ratter also offered words of warning.

   “Travel only if absolutely necessary, all roads are snow covered and slippery,” he said. “Please check on your elderly neighbor or family members. Make sure furnace exhaust vents are not blocked by snow or ice.”