Though the Spirit of Green Lake, LLC had a letter of intent to purchase the Heidel House property, it recently decided that their plans to purchase and renovate the site no longer are possible.

   Steve Sorenson, the agent for the Spirit of Green Lake, LLC, released a statement announcing its decision to not pursue the purchase of the property.

   The Spirit of Green Lake LLC was formed with the intent that it would revitalize the iconic Heidel House hotel and restaurant. Knowledgeable professionals were enlisted to perform extensive investigations in order to determine the viability of resurrecting the hotel. After months of work and deliberation, the Spirit team reluctantly concluded that they were unable to find a sensible way to achieve their objective. They want to extend their thanks to everyone who participated in Spirit’s quest. It is still the hope of the Spirit team that a way may be found to reopen this landmark for the benefit of the Green Lake community.

   This decision comes a month after Sorenson approached the Green Lake City Council on behalf of the LLC to apply for a liquor license.

   The council granted him the license on the condition that it would be effective once the sale of the property was complete.

   The Spirit of Green Lake, LLC’s license application noted the potential buyer was planning to manage the property and offer similar services as when it was open as the Heidel House.

   The application stated the LLC was seeking professional staff, including one to serve as overall general manager of the new facility located on the former Heidel House property.

   The application noted a bar or beverage manager would be hired as well.

   It further explained a list of project partners would have been disclosed after they “made their contribution and have funded the purchase of the real estate.”

   If the Spirit of Green Lake, LLC continued to pursue purchasing the property, the new business would have been “similar to the former Heidel House in that there will likely be two or three restaurants that will have seating for over 150 persons,” the application states. “There is also to be a conference center and banquet facility that would be available wherein alcoholic beverages would be provided as part of the services available.”

   The application pointed out the facilities could have provided services for more than 200 guests and could have included beverage service for a casual restaurant and outdoor serving for patio and pool areas.

   However, with the LLC’s recent decision, the future of the Heidel House property remains uncertain.

   Impact on GL Chamber

    The Green Lake Area Chamber of Commerce was looking toward the reopening of the Heidel House property and the room tax dollars it would bring in.

   But the announcement of the Spirit of Green Lake, LLC’s decision to no longer purchase the property has dashed the chamber’s hopes to restore its room tax dollars income.

   This story has been updated with additional information regarding the impact on the Green Lake Area Chamber of Commerce.

   Read the full story, including the impact to the Green Lake chamber,  in the Nov. 21, 2019 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.