Clicking from one channel to the next, from news to sports to medical dramas.

   Or journeying through Youtube, first watching a favorite music video only to end up an hour later watching an instructional video on how to bathe a cat and then a video on how to treat the wounds afterwards.

   According to Stephen Lee Rich, these are still forms of vaudeville, a light form of variety entertainment that was popular during the prohibition era and World War II and featured burlesque comedy, song, dance and unique, individualized acts.

   Rich gave his own one-hour vaudeville performance last week Saturday at the Caestecker Public Library, interspersing his comedic songs with jokes and historical facts about that genre of entertainment.

   He noted vaudeville ranged from fire-eating and sword juggling to singing and yodeling — Rich’s individualized act.

   Though once popular, he explained the world of vaudeville changed with the advent of film.

   Read the full story and see more photos in the March 14, 2019 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.