Shouting “Freeze!”

   Placing a suspect under arrest and reading him his Miranda rights.

   Dusting for fingerprints and finding one that solves a decade-long series of cases.

   These are a few ways that TV shows and movies portray police work.

   However, according to Green Lake Police Chief Mike Ratter, that’s not how police investigations are in reality.

   During his talk at the Caestecker Public Library last week Thursday night, Ratter debunked myths of police work that TV shows and movies may have audience members believe are accurate.

   “Clearly those shows, even some books and big screen movies, they’re clearly made more for entertaining,” Ratter said. “ … I don’t watch them; I don’t like watching them because I sit on the couch and … [yell] ‘You don’t do it that way,’ because you can’t.”

   Read the full story, including marked difference between investigations in real life vs. on TV, in the Nov. 1, 2018 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.