The Green Lake County Sheriff’s Department responded to two water rescue incidents on Big Green Lake last week Thursday during the severe thunderstorm.

     ... The county received a call around 4:18 p.m. from  a citizen who reported “a sailboat overturned out in Big Green Lake nearing the South Shore in the Town of Green Lake. The reporting party advised that other boaters were in the area, however, no confirmation could be obtained to ensure that everyone was off of the sailboat or out of the water.”

     Around the same time, the sheriff’s office received another report concerning a young man on a kayak who was missing.

     ... “A short time later, the youth on the kayak was reported as found and safe and the sailboat was now reported to be up against the rocks and shore off of Oakwood Avenue,” Deputy Mark Putzke noted in a news release. “Winds were estimated to be between 50 to 60 mph, which made access to the area difficult.”

      Around 4:45 p.m. the sheriff’s office’s patrol boat along with two Green Lake/Brooklyn firemen arrived at the scene of the over-turned sailboat. They found that no one was on board, and the sailboat was left to be recovered at a later time.

     During investigation, the sheriff’s office learned the operator of the boat, a 76-year-old Illinois man, was caught in the storm when his boat capsized.

     He was in the water for 10 minutes “when he was rescued by another boater who has yet to be identified,” the release stated.

     However, Putzke later noted “three members of Shoreline Marine Contractors were involved in the immediate rescue of the 76-year-old man, that was while the boat was overturned out on Big Green.”

     The three rescuers were John Arenz, Taylor Harmsen and  Austin Beck Baker.

     Arenz noted in post on the Green Lake County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page, “I would do it again, [and was] glad everyone is okay.” ...

     To read the entire story, see the July 4, 2019 edition of The Ripon Commonwealth Press.