Because certain financial reports were filed late, the village of Rosendale lost out on several thousand dollars in state General Transportation Aid for road construction, maintenance and traffic operations for 2019.

   According to Wisconsin’s Department of Transportation (DOT), the General Transportation Aid program enables local units of governments, such as Rosendale, to receive funds from the state to offset dollars spent on roads and traffic operations.

   To calculate the funds for each municipality, the state uses financial information, such as transportation expenditures and revenue, from the municipal financial report.

   However, because the village of Rosendale filed its financial report seven business days late last spring, it was penalized.

   The penalty of filing late is a reduction of funds “for each working day after the applicable due date that the financial report form is late,” according to the DOT website.

   Read the full story, including why they village filed late, in the Jan. 24, 2019 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.