When the Fond du Lac County Board begins to deliberate whether to allow a county-wide half-percent sales tax to continue past its sunset date in 2021, it won’t do so with an ultimatum from the Ripon Common Council.

   In a Jan. 3, 2019 letter to the editor in the Commonwealth, Ald. Aaron Becker introduced his desire to ask the Fond du Lac County Board to either end the half-percent sales tax in 2021 when its sunset date arrives, or send the idea to a binding referendum.

   Despite Becker’s passion, no one else on the Common Council supported his proposal at Tuesday's meeting. Becker was unable to be at the meeting due to the birth of a child. Instead, the council voted 6-0 with limited discussion to deny his request.

   At the heart of the matter was a half-percent tax created initially to support development at Mercury Marine in Fond du Lac, but that has since supported numerous other projects ranging from buoying Alliance Laundry’s development in Ripon to highway repair.

   It was created initially without a sunset date, but later one was added.

   It’s that sunset date that Becker wanted the council to ask the County Board to honor, or send the idea to referendum.

   The council, however, didn’t see this as an issue the Ripon Common Council should be addressing.

   In fact, one council member spoke passionately against discontinuing the tax.

Read the full story in the Jan. 10, 2019 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.