While the city may be close to reinstating Ripon’s first-ever local historic district, it appears unlikely that its second will be created any time soon.

   The downtown historic district, originally created in July 1991, is set to return to the Common Council for a final vote regarding approval.

   The second of the original local districts, created in January 1995, is the Ripon College historic district, comprised essentially of Ripon College’s historic upper campus, plus the First Congregational Church.

   At Monday’s Historic Preservation Commission meeting, representatives of Ripon College politely requested that its district not be considered for reinstatement.

   Vice President for Finance and Interim Vice President for Advancement Karl Solibakke noted that while the college is open to being a part of the downtown historic district, since the Carnegie Building is in that footprint, administrators feel differently about the separate college district.

   “With what is going on, on Watson Street, I think that makes sense, for creating an ensemble that will hopefully draw people to Ripon,” he said of the downtown district. “... Our sense with respect to the college historical district is that that’s really our property, and we want to have the largest license possible to take care of our buildings and to create the space that we think is most pertinent to bringing the college forward.”

Read the full story, including the reaction from the commission, in the May 10, 2018 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.