Green Lake County has decided to keep its district attorney, but fire its register of deeds.

   That’s what was decided Tuesday, as local voters hit the polls for the fall primary election.

   Appointed District Attorney Kyle Sargent handily defeated his challenger — local attorney Jeff Haase — by a vote of 2,193 to 1,283, or 63 percent for Sargent.

   Sargent was appointed by Gov. Scott Walker last fall to take over for Winn Collins, who resigned to take a job with the Department of Justice.

   Now, Sargent is unopposed in the November general election. Both he and Haase were on the Republican ticket in Tuesday’s primary with no Democratic candidates, as is common in Green Lake County.

   Also on the local ballot, Green Lake County voters ousted their eight-year register of deeds. Voters selected newcomer Sarah Guenther over incumbent Leone Seaman 1,963 to 1,642, or 54 percent for Guenther.

   Guenther is now running unopposed in November, as this race also had nobody on the Democratic ticket. Read more election coverage — including how Green Lake County voted in the U.S. Senate and State Senate races — only in this week's issue of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.