Apparently, listening sessions aren’t like the “Field of Dreams.”

   If you hold it, they won’t necessarily come.

   City officials discovered this Monday after the Ripon Common Council mandated that another session be held to allow the public a chance to learn more about the proposed downtown historic district.

   And members of the commission made it clear they were not happy to have held the session in vain.

   Originally created in the early ’90s, the downtown district — and all other local historic districts — were nullified a couple years ago on a technicality: they weren’t properly registered with Fond du Lac County.

   So Ripon’s Historic Preservation Commission has begun the process of reinstating them, a process that has included public hearings and multiple meetings.

   It was expected that the last such meeting would be the Common Council’s vote in April, but city officials stated at the time that six people emailed City Hall with questions. This would be called into question at Monday’s meeting.

Read the full story, including comments from members of the commission, in the May 10, 2018 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.