“The problem is the numbers.”

   That is the reason Jean Rigden, president of the Lumen Charter High School governance board, gave for why the school will not renew its contract after the next school year.

   In a record-high attendance, concerned parents and governance board members discussed the low enrollment for Lumen and the future of its students at the governance board’s Monday night meeting.

   “No matter what we’ve done the last seven years that I’ve been involved in the school, we can’t get people to come,” Rigden said. “No matter how we try to publicize it, no matter what we try to do. This is the most people I’ve ever seen at a Lumen meeting in my eight years as a parent. And it’s because we’re saying we don’t have enough to keep it going and I’m saddened by that completely.”

   Board member Tricia Walheim noted after 18 freshmen enrolled last year, “we were shocked when there were only seven kids that signed up [for 2019-2020].”

   Ripon High School/Lumen Principal Randy Hatlen explained the Lumen Charter contract ends next year “and I know that somebody’s saying, ‘Well, this has come up quick,’ [but] we’re actually trying to look a year out. We have to look at ... would it be disingenuous to accept seven freshmen to the program if we know that we’re not even going to renew the contract?”

Read the full story in the May 2, 2019 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.