The Eiler family pauses for a photo in Kathmandu, Nepal.
The Eiler family pauses for a photo in Kathmandu, Nepal.

   Ripon dentist Steve Eiler fantasized for years about climbing Mount Everest in Nepal.

   “I’ve always wanted to go to Nepal for the fact that Mount Everest was there. I’ve read all these stories about climbing Mount Everest,” Steve said. “Now that I am my age, I have no intention of ever trying to tackle anything like that, but Kathmandu, Nepal, just sounds like a really unusual place.”

   So, this past June, Steve was full of anticipation when a helicopter filled with himself, daughter Arielle and son Austin landed at base camp on Mount Everest, a mere 17,600 feet into the sky ...

   “I got out of the helicopter and I took about 15 steps — and I was dizzy,” he said.

   Altitude sickness catches up to even those who’ve waited a lifetime to visit Everest ...

   If the visit to Everest was meant to be the peak of the trip, the most important work was spent in the more mundane parts of Nepal.

   Steve and two of his three children traveled to Kathmandu with a group of medical professionals as a part of a medical relief effort with Colorado-based International Medical Relief.

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