The Common Council opted Monday evening not to change regulations for pit bulls — but the council could get tougher on troublesome canines in Ripon overall.

   After receiving comments both from people who believe the city should make it tougher to have a pit bull and those who want the rules left alone, the council considered whether to alter the city’s pit bull regulations.

   The Common Council toyed with raising the insurance policy required of pit bull owners from $100,000 to $250,000, but ultimately chose to keep them as is.

   Ald. Annette Klein urged the council to increase the insurance policy requirement at the outset of the discussion.

   “I think we’ve all gotten a lot of different emails, all of us, of differing opinions,” she said. “I’m still of the feeling that we need to increase this to a $250,000 minimum insurance liability for the safety of our citizens.”

   Two weeks earlier, City Attorney Lud Wurtz had cautioned the city against increasing the liability insurance minimum under the belief it was the standard statewide. Raising it above the standard, he explained, could put the city in legal jeopardy.

   But a later survey found numerous cities around Wisconsin with insurance requirements in excess of $100,000. Five cities — Bayside, Chetek, Little Chute, Neenah and West Milwaukee — actually require $1 million insurance policies for pit bull owners.

   This re-opened the door Monday for considering raising the insurance minimum — a move several residents decried.

Read the full story in the July 25, 2013 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.