Graduate Jimmy Diener hugs sister Chelse Godfrey.
Graduate Jimmy Diener hugs sister Chelse Godfrey.

   Like his 139 other classmates, Ripon High School graduating senior Jimmie Diener walked up on stage last week Saturday to receive his diploma.

   He shook hands with several school officials, got his picture taken and then descended the stage while an underclassman handed him an orange gerbera daisy.

   But then he deviated from his fellow students’ routine.

   Rather than return to his seat, Diener suddenly bolted up the adjacent choir risers and jumped off the top row and into the arms of a woman wearing fatigues.

   His sister, Chelse Godfrey, was on leave from the U.S. Navy, which had deployed her overseas.

   Godfrey earlier had apologized to Diener, explaining that she was unable to attend his proud day.

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