This is where, along West Fond du Lac Street, a development is expected to occur.
This is where, along West Fond du Lac Street, a development is expected to occur.

   One of the biggest developments in the past decade, if not the biggest, is on the verge of occurring on Ripon’s west end.

   A Ripon native aims to develop a wooded area just west of Boarders Inn & Suites, 1219 W. Fond du Lac St., into a mixed-use development that would include a new road.

   On tap? Retail along West Fond du Lac Street, with opportunities for senior housing and a to-be-named addition to the southern section of the project.

   Construction could start this year with a pay-as-you-go tax incentive provided by the city of Ripon.

   “[The developer is] a local gentleman who grew up in Ripon here and he does this pretty much around the country ... and he wants to give back to Ripon,”

   Mayor Gary Will said, referring to 1997 Ripon High School graduate Justin Krueger.

   He lives in Scottsdale, Ariz., where he is president of MFRG-ICON Construction, a firm that posted more than $80 million in revenue last year by renovating low-income housing in Arizona and California.

   Krueger acquired the Ripon property, which currently is titled with “Villa Rita Holdings LLC” of Scottsdale, in the last couple of months, according to Will.

   Since that time, Krueger has been in closed-session negotiations with the city of Ripon to reach a developer’s agreement — an agreement that was released to the Commonwealth Monday evening.

   That agreement outlines an arrangement in which the city will give Krueger back 90% of any property taxes paid that year, starting in 2021 and running through 2025.

   But that will occur only if “a portion of the improvements are contemplated to be constructed by Dec. 31, 2021,” according to the agreement, and that all work is “substantially completed” by the following year.

   That work includes construction of a new road, two larger retail buildings off the corners of that road and West Fond du Lac Street, a proposed senior housing project further south as well as a building for a not-yet-named nonprofit entity.

Read the full story in the March 12, 2020 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.