Water rushes across Pleasant Street, as well as down the driveway to the garage at Kenwood Senior Living.
Water rushes across Pleasant Street, as well as down the driveway to the garage at Kenwood Senior Living.

   With floodwaters rising around the Ripon area, law enforcement is advising drivers to be wary anywhere runoff can be found.

   “It is very important to know your route and if possible to not drive through any areas that have standing water,” Ripon Police Chief Bill Wallner said. “In many locations, you may not be able to see what is under the water and large holes may have developed that could submerge you or your vehicle. Avoid those areas if possible.”

   Soaring temperatures nearing 60 degrees combined with sun, recent rain and a heavy snowpack have led to a rapid and heavy runoff situation.

   Within the city limits, several areas have become submerged, most notably Pleasant Street adjacent to Kenwood Senior Living (click here for related story).

   But that’s not the only place that’s become a problem as Thursday has worn on.

   “[Problem areas include] State Street over by the cemetery [and] Douglas Street by Dollar General,” Ripon Police Capt. Troy Damsteegt said. “We’re working with DPW (Ripon department of public works) to break up the ice to get the water flowing again or barricade it.”

   At least one resident on Liberty Street is experiencing flooding in her basement, according to police scanner reports, as well.

   Outside city limits, Douglas Street down to County Road KK has had increasing flooding problems over the course of Thursday as well.

   Town of Ripon Chairman Barry Vandebrink, in the midst of placing road barricades, noted several other problem areas: Arcade Glen Road, Comorn Road at Arcade Acres and South Koro Road.

   “Yeah, we got two roads we’ve got shut right down,” he said when asked if it’s getting bad in several areas, pointing to Arcade Glen Road as a particular problem. “That water’s running 8 to 12 inches deep; if a car was to go through it, it would be just enough to stall it out.”

   As of 2:25 p.m., Arcade Glen Road was closed from Coombe to Ginger streets.

UPDATE, 5:35 pm: from the town of Metomen: In the township of Metoman the following roads are currently closed due to water over the road:
-Radio Rd south of Watson Rd 
-Searle Rd north of Carter Rd, and south of Sheldon Rd
-Brandon Rd north of Sunny Knoll Rd
The only safe road running north-south is County Road E. 

   UPDATE, 4:15 PM: Also now known to be closed is County Road KK from Douglas Street to at least Brandon Road due to high water; the intersection of Reeds Corner Road at Brandon Road also has been closed. In Green Lake, Evensong Way is closed, though it's not clear if it's due to high water.

   In the city of Ripon, Damsteegt noted city workers are doing all they can to keep up.

   “With the temperatures and the runoff and the melting, it’s definitely creating a problem,” he said. “The culverts can’t keep up.”

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