A severe thunderstorm whipped through the Ripon area tonight from around 4 p.m. to 6 p.m., felling trees and power lines.

   Ripon Area Fire District Fire Chief Tim Saul noted strong winds brought down a couple trees.

   “We got one tree down across the street, one large tree down on power lines across the street on Grove Street,” Saul said.

   The street was closed to traffic while Ripon firefighters worked at the scene and public works employees tried to clear the tree from the road.

   Grove Street was not the only area affected in Ripon.

   Another tree was “down on power lines that are attached to a house on Watson, the 900 block of Watson ...” Saul said.

   The residence, 925 Watson St., is private property, meaning the owner will have to have Alliant Energy come out and fix the situation, Saul noted.

   The Ripon Area Fire District also responded to a scene on Highway 23 at Wittchow Road where a wire was down on the ground and burning.

   “It was just some burning and major arcing of some wires,” Saul said. “Alliant got there and took care of it, so we turned the scene over to them.”

   He noted the cause was mostly likely the wind.

   “Probably wind gusts, I’m assuming, because it was in the middle of a field,” he said.

   With several power lines and wires affected by trees and gusts, Saul advises Ripon area residents to be safe and stay inside.

   “When you have a storm and downed power lines, people don’t need to come outside; they need to stay inside where it’s safe,” he said. “Even if they’re not near the power line, electricity can still travel through ground.”