Ripon's public works department inspects a bridge on Hamburg Street in Ripon.
Ripon's public works department inspects a bridge on Hamburg Street in Ripon.

   Thursday’s rapid runoff has created new problems today (Friday).

   While the flooding along Crystal Creek in the city of Ripon has subsided — allowing the city to reopen such spots as Arcade Road — the city’s focus now has turned to Silver Creek.

   “The concern now is that the areas to the east of us where all that water has deposited into the marsh, that all still has to come through here yet,” Ripon Police Chief Bill Wallner said. “There is a massive amount of water that still needs to come through Silver Creek, so we’ll need to monitor that.”

   Silver Creek began to rise Thursday evening, with crews closing the low area near the bridges on Hamburg and Washington streets around 10 p.m.

   “The water reached the road there; [the creek is] not able to handle the massive amounts of water flow occurring at that location,” Wallner said.

   By first thing Friday morning, public works leaders were out inspecting bridges along Silver Creek.

   “They look good,” public works Director Mike Ehrenberg said, noting the city will continue to monitor them.

   He expected both streets to remain closed through the weekend.

   “The only house really affected is a residence on Washington Street that is vacant and has not been occupied. However there is a business [Metalworks] ... that appears to have some water issues there,” Wallner said. “The rest of the area looks pretty good. We’re monitoring the [area of] Oshkosh and Union streets. We did have some water onto Oshkosh Street last night but it appears to have subsided.”

   Update, 2:20 p.m.: The owner of a property across the street from Metalworks, 217 Washington St., noted that a home he owns on that street has been damaged as well.

   "It has 5 feet of water in the basement, which ruined the hot water heater and the furnace," Duwayne Verch said, later explaining in a phone call that water damage at this property is unprecedented in the more than 20 years he's owned the property.

   Another area hit by serious flooding Thursday appears to be in better shape now.

   “Pleasant Street, once some corrective action was taken on an adjoining property regarding some culverts ... it had a drastic [affect],” Wallner said. “It looks like all the water is cleared out of the street. And, checking with the people at Kenwood [Senior Living, which was evacuated after being flooded], they were working on their basement area.”

   Residents of Kenwood noted that they’d been told it would be at least Tuesday before they would be allowed to live at the building once more.