The driver of a 2005 Ford Taurus left the scene of a one-car accident Monday afternoon with nothing but a few bruises — despite going airborne briefly.

   According to town of Ripon Police Chief Howard Stibb, Rebecca Reinhart, 58, 511 Union St., was travelling westbound on Highway 44 just outside city of Ripon limits when she left the road.

   “She said there was a slippery spot in the road,” Stibb said, noting Reinhart told him she was travelling 55 mph with her cruise control on, and couldn’t get it to turn off after she left the roadway.

   Her vehicle then went through a field south of Highway 44, hit a ditch, went airborne over Olden Road, and came to rest in another field on the south side of Olden Road.

   “From the time she left [Highway] 44 to where she stopped it was roughly 2,000 feet,” Stibb said. “All she had was a couple bruises.”

   The Taurus wasn’t as fortunate, receiving extensive undercarriage damage, he explained.

   “You really couldn’t notice from up above,” Stibb said. “There was some major damage to the car; you just don’t see it up above.”

   No citations have been issued in the crash yet, but the incident is still under investigation.