When Ripon residents visit the voting polls in April, they will see two names listed for mayoral candidates, instead of one, as a new contender has stepped forward: Ted Grant.

   About a month ago when current mayor Gary Will announced he will not seek reelection, Ald. Doug Iverson voiced his intention of running for mayor.

   Now the election for the position of mayor will be contested as Iverson and Grant will face off.

   Grant submitted his declaration of candidacy last week, telling the Commonwealth he believes he has the work experience that would be beneficial to the role of mayor.

   “I’ve owned my own business, two different businesses over the last 22 years, and so I have good business experience, not that business experience relates directly to municipal experience, but it does help,” he said, noting he owns Grant Endeavors. “I also am currently the treasurer of a local union and [have held] other leadership roles in that union work as well.”

   He noted he’s been a resident of Ripon for 28 years, serves on Ripon Public Library’s board of directors along with the BID district’s board.

Read the full story in the Jan. 2, 2020 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.