“I think there were, from the start, fundamental flaws of the make-up of the district.”
— then-Mayor Aaron Kramer, April 2007.

“The fire district is broken.”
— former firefighter Dennis Luskey, April 2007.

   Ten years ago, the future of the Ripon Area Fire District (RAFD) looked grim.

   Serious questions seemed to shake the foundation of the board.

   Questions such as, are each of the towns paying their fair share?

   Does any one community wield too much power on the board?

   And, maybe most important, can these individuals even sit in the same room together without shouting?

   The RAFD — covering several municipalities — was crumbling under the weight of these concerns ...

   Now, a decade later, the fire district is stronger than ever ...

   That hasn’t always been the case — and it nearly cost the RAFD dearly.

Read the full story, including comments from several of the board members involved in the situation 10 years ago, in the April 20, 2017 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.